Welcome to the micro:bit developer community

The micro:bit developer community site

This site aims to sit between a community wiki and a technical datasheet for the micro:bit. The content is available to edit on Github and is openly licensed through Creative Commons.

The site is maintained by the Micro:bit Educational Foundation in order to document the hardware and software that make the micro:bit work the way it does.

We hope to encourage contributions into these projects in order to broaden our ecosystem and the range of things people can invent with a micro:bit.

The Micro:bit Educational Foundation aims to be a ‘responsible downstream’ to the many open source software projects that are used to build the micro:bit: much like a good Linux distribution collates, tests, stabilises and releases combinations of many diverse open source packages, the micro:bit Educational Foundation and the micro:bit community present micro:bit users with a stable, tested release of all the things you need to make the magical ‘end-to-end’ micro:bit experience.

Latest news

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Help us build it

If you’d like to help us make the micro:bit better, then there are a number of ways that you can get involved.


Contribute features and fixes to one of the upstream projects that the micro:bit relies upon:


Help us build a brilliant hardware ecosystem around micro:bit - derivative boards, cool accessories and add ons, or even suggestions for future versions of the micro:bit.