Bluetooth implementation on the micro:bit


The micro:bit processor has an on-board Bluetooth transceiver. This is combined with a PCB trace aerial and other minor components alongside a software stack that gives the micro:bit a certified and credible Bluetooth capability.

Bluetooth software stack

V1 Nordic Semiconductor Soft Device S110 V2 Nordic Semiconductor Soft Device S113

Using Bluetooth, you can connect to other devices and send and receive data from and to the micro:bit.

micro:bit Bluetooth Features

Bluetooth features available on the micro:bit are defined in a Bluetooth profile. The micro:bit supports one, custom-developed profile.

Bluetooth and the micro:bit software

The DAL/C++ reference documentation lists the adopted and custom features available within the profile. MakeCode contains a set of blocks to make use of the various micro:bit services.

The processor also has several non-bluetooth, proprietary modes of operation upon which the micro:bit radio protocol is based. This protocol works only between micro:bits and is defined as ‘Micro:bit Radio’ in the DAL and ‘radio’ in MakeCode, MicroPython, and Mbed C++.


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