A micro:bit I/O device library for Python

A micro:bit I/O device library for Python


bitio (pronounced bitty-o) is a micro:bit I/O library for Python. It allows you to run code in Python on a PC/Mac/Linux/Raspberry Pi and interact directly with the micro:bit. It works with both Python 2 and with Python 3 on Mac, PC, Raspberry Pi and Linux.

Why would you use bitio?

The library is useful if you want to use the micro:bit as an input or an output device for other programs, e.g. for Minecraft. Tilt your micro:bit, and something happens in the Minecraft world. It can be used for anything though, where you want to use the input and output devices on the micro:bit inside a Python program on a bigger computer.

Getting Started

Follow the instructions in the project README.md


There are various projects linked to in the README, but a couple of the more technical ones include:


For any issues or advice head to the bitio Github Repo