CS projects and research

What children's imagined uses of the BBC micro:bit tells us about designing for their IoT privacy, security and safety

In this paper we describe initial results from the PETRAS project IoT4Kids, exploring the privacy and security implications of children programming the BBC micro:bit, an IoT-ready device designed for children

MakeCode and CODAL - intuitive and efficient embedded systems programming for education

In this paper we present the motivation, requirements, implementation, and evaluation of a new programming platform that enables novice users to create effective and efficient software for embedded systems.

Energy in Schools - Promoting Global Change through Social Technical Deployments

In this paper, we present an IoT solution for schools that aims to unite senior leadership, teachers, and pupils in the goal of reducing or shifting their energy consumption and carbon emissions.

The BBC micro:bit – from the UK to the World

This article describes the design of the BBC micro:bit, the realization of its goals through examples of the diverse projects crested with the micro:bit, reviews the project’s history as it transitioned from a UK-centric to a worldwide project, and concludes with lessons learned and project outcomes.

Physical computing - A key element of modern computer science education

In this paper we review prior research into physical computing in the classroom and combine this with our own experiences.