micro:bit V2 - content

Guidance on using the latest micro:bit revision, for content producers


Thank you, content producers for your support of the micro:bit - without people writing amazing resources and showing the world creative ways to use technology, micro:bit wouldn’t be nearly as exciting for people all around the world to use.

If you’d like to keep up to date with technical information about the device, please sign up to our DAL, Devices and Editors mailing list which provides information on hardware revisions, or key low-level software changes as early as possible.

Updating .hex files

The editors and apps are being updated over the coming weeks and are currently in beta. When they are released, you should update any compiled .hex files that you host as part of your resources.

To do this, simply drag and drop them into the editor in which they were created and then download the .hex file.

Universal Hex

Note that the updated file will be ~1.8Mb as opposed to ~700Kb in size. This increase in size means that the hex file can be used on any board revision and is called a Universal Hex file.